Public Affairs

Our public affairs department specializes in serving non-profit organizations, issue advocacy groups and political campaigns. MZ Public Affairs & Marketing (MZPA) has worked with NGOs across the globe, from Virginia to Hong Kong.

MZPA specializes in strategic media placements and earned media.

The bottom line: we help get your message to the right people.

Our services include:

Message Creation

Our professionals can help you craft your message or refine it for maximum impact. We will turn your agenda into a media friendly package, giving you the widest possible coverage. Whether you are an author, candidate, or executive director, communicating a clear and concise message is the most important thing you can do to succeed in your profession.


Each team member at MZPA has an established network of media contacts. Having strong relationships with industry professionals gives us an advantage when pitching our clients. We work with local, national, cable, and specialty TV and news programs on a daily basis, allowing us to provide our clients the best representation possible for their needs.


Radio is one of the best modes of communication available when you want to target specific regions. MZPA professionals bring years of booking experience to the benefit of our clients. This enables us to consistently place guests on radio outlets in your hometown, state, region or nationwide, bringing your message into targeted homes and commuters across America. We book guests for live interviews and also arrange for the broadcast of public service announcements (PSA) or community calendar event notices.


Whether you need letters to the editor, op-eds, or editorial interviews, MZPA is here to help. It doesn’t matter if you're looking for blog, city, state or national placements, your need is our mission. The team members at MZPA will help you craft a strategy and message, and get it placed where you need it. The message and theme of every client is different, that is why MZPA assigns each client their personal media representative to act as a liaison between our client’s organization and the news outlets in their region. Our detail oriented team is here to streamline your media needs.

New Media

In today’s technological world of mass communication, it is imperative for every organization to take seriously their need for new media and social networking representation. The team at MZPA will walk you through the ins and outs of the blogsphere and social network sites, increasing the amount of traffic to your web site daily. We develop our clients messaging strategies to fit today’s demand for online information. By streamlining your communication, you can save your budget from obsolete ad campaigns of the past.

Press Conference

MZPA takes special pride in our national network of associates. For clients with timely messages or special announcements, press conferences are often the best way to make a big splash. If you plan to take your message on the road for a four-day media blitz, or hold a one-time conference in front of your local courthouse, MZPA professionals will organize your planning and logistics. With our knowledgeable staff, we can help develop talking points, press packets, and media advisories, following up with media chaser calls to ensure the highest possible turn out.

Image Consulting

For clients who are new to the world of media have no fear, MZPA will help prepare you for radio and television appearances. Before going on the radio or television, we can help you perfect your timing, the content of your message and vocal tones. For television, we will work with the color schemes you plan to wear along with your hair and makeup needs, ensuring the best possible interview experience.