MZ Public Affairs & Marketing (MZPA) opened our business marketing department in 2010 after receiving service requests from corporate clients. Drawing on its specialty of media placements, we brought on marketing professionals to provide world-class service.

We offer these services:

Marketing Strategy Development

Sometimes marketing just happens without adequate strategic analysis. To optimize growth potential, we provide strategic oversight and analysis with our team of experts; helping you gain advantage over your competitors by outlining a clear process for targeted market entry. That includes crafting your marketing plan to capture more opportunity for your company through strategic partnerships and corporate introductions.

MZPA offers in-depth business development consultations for:

  • Market research
  • Strategy design
  • Competitor analysis
  • Performance and growth tracking
  • Marketing campaign development
  • New market entry
  • Lead generation
  • Deal sourcing

Marketing Implementation

Having a great marketing plan is a first step. But a good marketing strategy is worthless without proper implementation. Our company can help you execute your strategy with finesse and impact. We specialize in lead generation and business development, grassroots marketing campaigns, and creative marketing.

Brand Management

A brand is only worth its recognition with potential clients for its respective business. Your business must be a recognized industry leader in the market you are targeting. Recognition is the key. We help you analyze how customers view you, and how to change your brand image to become more sticky and more positive.