MZ Public Affairs & Marketing is a relationship consulting firm with a broad list of services. We are equipped to serve your communication, marketing, public relations, and media needs. Our key service divisions are Public Affairs, Business Marketing, Online Marketing and Website Development. Our team of professionals can help expand your business connections and relationships in North America by securing strategic partnerships and introducing new deal opportunities.

  • Public Affairs


    Public Affairs

    MZPA will strengthen your message. We will turn your agenda into a media friendly package, giving you the biggest possible impact. Whether you are an author, candidate, or business executive, communicating a clear and concise message to build your brand is the most important thing you can do to succeed in your profession.


  • Online Marketing


    Online Marketing

    MZPA will help your organization capture the full opportunity of online communication. Our methodological approach to web marketing assumes the unique challenges of each client and therefore requires a customized strategy to achieve optimal results. The varying dynamics of each industry segment, competition, organizational focus, brand, target audience, geographical location, and promotional budget proves difficult to devise a one size fits all solution. It is with this view that we have devised a flexible web marketing program that can be tailored to your industry requirements.

  • Corporate


    Business Marketing

    We help you craft your marketing plan to capture more opportunity for your company. Some companies need new media marketing, others need lead generation and strategic corporate introductions. We will help you create and execute a customized marketing strategy to build your brand name and bring new business opportunities.

  • Web Design


    Website Design

    Our professional web developers tailor each website for our individual clients so that you can establish the web presence that you need. We offer websites with basic functions, such as overviews, bios, and services, to more complex systems, such as commercial shopping carts, forums and animation.